Cell cycle regulation of human DNA repair and chromatin remodeling genes

Robin Mjelle, Siv Anita Hegre, Per Arne Aas, Finn Drabløs, Geir Slupphaug, Pål Sætrom, Hans E. Krokan



DNA repair genes


This table provides an updated list of DNA repair genes. The table also contains chromatin remodeling genes with putative DNA repair function. Each gene is linked to OMIM for functional information and to NCBI and UCSC genome browser for detailed information on the gene.


Gene Symbol (Link to function in OMIM) RefSeq ID (Link to NCBI) Chromosome Location (Link to UCSC Genome Browser)
ACTB NM_001101.3 7p22.1
ACTL6A NM_004301.3 3q26.33
ACTL6B NM_016188.4 7q22.1
ACTR3B NM_001040135.2 7q36.1
ACTR5 NM_024855.3 20q11.23
ACTR6 NM_022496.4 12q23.1
ALKBH1 NM_006020.2 14q24.3
ALKBH2 NM_001001655.2  12q24.11
ALKBH3 NM_139178.3  11p11.2
ANKRD17 NM_032217.3  4q13.3
APEX1 NM_001244249.1 14q11.2
APEX2 NM_001244249.1 Xp11.2
APLF NM_173545.2 2p13.3
APTX NM_001195248.1  9p13.3
ARID1A NM_006015.4 1p36.11
ARID2 NM_152641.2 12q12
ASF1A NM_014034.2 6q22.31
ASTE1 NM_014065.2 3q22.1
ATAD2 NM_014109.3 8q24.13
ATM NM_000051.3 11q22-q23
ATR NM_001184.3 3q23
ATRIP NM_001271022.1 3p21.31
ATRX NM_000489.3 Xq21.1
ATXN3 NM_001127696.1 14q21
BAHD1 NM_014952.3 15q15.1
BAZ2A NM_013449.3 12q13.3
BCCIP NM_016567.3 10q26.1
BLM NM_000057.2 15q26.1
BPTF NM_004459.6 17q24.3
BRCA1 NM_007294.3 17q21
BRCA2 NM_000059.3 13q12.3
BRD4 NM_014299 19p13.12
BRIP1 NM_032043.2 17q22.3
BRMS1 NM_001024957.1 11q13.2
BTBD12 NM_032444.2 16p13.3
BTG2 NM_006763.2 1q32
c11orf30 NM_020193.3 11q13.5
c17orf70 NM_025161.5 17q25.3
c19orf40 NM_152266.3 19q13.11
c1orf124 NM_001010984.2 1q42.12-q43
c2orf13 NM_173545.2 2p13.3
CCNH NM_001199189.1 5q13.3-q14
CCNO NM_021147.3 5q11.2
CDK7 NM_001799.3 5q12.1
CEBPG NM_001252296.1 19q13.11
CETN2 NM_004344.1 Xq28
CHAF1A NM_005483.2 19p13.3
CHAF1B NM_005441.2 21q22.13
CHD1 NM_001270.2 5q15-q21
CHD1L NM_001256337.1 1q21.1
CHD2 NM_001042572.2 15q26.1
CHD3 NM_001005273.2 17p13.1
CHD4 NM_001273.2 12p13.31
CHD5 NM_015557.2 1p36.31
CHD6 NM_032221.4 20q12
CHD7 NM_017780.3 8q12.1-q12.2
CHD8 NM_020920.3 14q11.2
CHD9 NM_025134.4 16q12.2
CHEK1 NM_001114121.2 11q24.2
CHEK2 NM_001005735.1 22q12.1
CIB1 NM_001277764.1 15q25.3-q26
CLK2 NM_003993.2 1q21
CLSPN NM_001190481.1 1p34.2
CRY1 NM_004075.4 12q23-q24.1
CRY2 NM_001127457.1 11p11.2
CSNK1D NM_001893.4 17q25
CSNK1E NM_001894.4 22q13.1
CTBP1 NM_001328.2 4p16.3
CTCF NM_001191022.1 16q22.1
CTCFL NM_001269041.1 20q13.31
CUL4A NM_001008895.1 13q34
CUL4B NM_001079872.1 Xq23
CXXC1 NM_001101654.1 18q21.1
DCLRE1A NM_001271816.1 10q25.1
DCLRE1B NM_022836.3 1p13.2
DCLRE1C NM_001033855.1 10p13
DDB1 NM_001923.4 11q12-q13
DDB2 NM_000107.2 11p12-p11
DEK NM_001134709.1 6p22.3
DMAP1 NM_001034023.1 1p34.1
DMC1 NM_001278208.1 22q13.1
DPF1 NM_001135155.2 19q13.2
DPF2 NM_006268.4 11q13.1
DPF3 NM_001280543.1 14q24.2
DUT NM_001025248.1 15q21.1
EME1 NM_001166131.1 17q21.33
EME2 NM_001257370.1 16p13.3
ENDOV NM_001164637.1 17q25.3
EP400 NM_015409.4 12q24.33
EPC2 NM_015630.3 2q23.1
ERCC1 NM_001166049.1 19q13.32
ERCC2 NM_000400.3 19q13.3
ERCC3 NM_000122.1 2q21
ERCC4 NM_005236.2 16p13.12
ERCC5 NM_000123.3 13q33
ERCC6 NM_000124.3 10q11.23
ERCC6L NM_017669.2 Xq13.1
ERCC8 NM_000082.3 5q12.1
ESCO1 NM_052911.2 18q11.2
ESCO2 NM_001017420.2 8p21.1
ESCO2 NM_001017420.2 8p21.1
EXO1 NM_003686.4 1q42-q43
FAN1 NM_001146094.1 15q13.2-q13.3
FANCA NM_000135.2 16q24.3
FANCB NM_000059.3 13q12.3
FANCC NM_000136.2 9q22.3
FANCD2 NM_001018115.1 3p26
FANCE NM_021922.2 6p22-p21
FANCF NM_022725.3 11p15
FANCG NM_004629.1 9p13
FANCI NM_001113378.1 15q26.1
FANCL NM_001114636.1 2p16.1
FANCM NM_020937.2 14q21.2
FBXO18 NM_001258452.1 10p15.1
FEN1 NM_004111.5 11q12
FIGNL1 NM_001042762.2 7p12.1
FLJ35220 NM_001164637.1 17q25.3
FLJ35220 NM_001130009.1 2p24.2
FAAP20 NM_001146310.1 1p36.33
FAAP24 NM_152266.3 19q13.11
GADD45A NM_001199741.1 1p31.2
GADD45B NM_015675.3 19p13.3
GADD45G NM_006705.3 9q22.1-q22.2
GEN1 NM_001130009.1 2p24.2
GIYD1 NM_001014999.2 16p11.2
GIYD2 NM_024044.3 16p11.2
GTF2H1 NM_001142307.1 11p15.1-p14
GTF2H2 NM_001515.3 5q13.2
GTF2H3 NM_001271866.1 12q24.31
GTF2H4 NM_001517.4 6p21.3
GTF2H5 NM_207118.2 6q25.3
H2AFX NM_002105.2 11q23.3
HCFC1 NM_005334.2 Xq28
HEATR1 NM_018072.5 1q43
HELLS NM_001289067.1 10q23.33
HELQ NM_133636.2 4q21.23
HLTF NM_003071.3 3q25.1-q26.1
HMG20B NM_006339.2 19p13.3
HMGB1 NM_002128.4 13q12
HMGB1P10 NG_008794.1 22q12.1
HMGB2 NM_001130688.1 4q31
HTATIP NM_001206833.1 11q13
HTATIP2 NM_001098520.1 11p15.1
HUS1 NM_004507.3 7p13-p12
IGHMBP2 NM_002180.2 11q13.3
IHPK3 NM_001142883.1 6p21.31
IKZF1 NM_001220766.1 7p12.2
ING3 NM_019071.2 7q31.31
INO80 NM_017553.2 15q15.1
INO80B NM_031288.3 2p13.1
INO80C NM_001098817.1 18q12.2
INO80D NM_017759.4 2q33.3
INO80E NM_173618.1 16p11.2
KAT5 NM_001206833.1 11q13.1
KIN NM_012311.3 10p15-p14
LBA1 NM_014831.2 3p22.2
LIG1 NM_000234.1 19q13.2-q13.3
LIG3 NM_002311.4 17q11.2-q12
LIG4 NM_001098268.1 13q33-q34
LRWD1 NM_152892.1 7q21.1
MAD2L2 NM_001127325.1 1p36
MATR3 NM_001194954.1 5q31.2 
MBD4 NM_001276270.1 3q21.3
MBD5 NM_018328.4 2q23.1
MBD6 NM_052897.3 12q13.3
MDC1 NM_014641.2 6p21.3
MGMT NM_002412.3 10q26
MLH1 NM_000249.3 3p22.2
MLH3 NM_001040108.1 14q24.3
MMS19 NM_022362.4 10q24-q25
MNAT1 NM_001177963.1 14q23
MPG NM_001015052.2 16p13.3
MRE11A NM_005590.3 11q21
MSH2 NM_000251.2 2p21
MSH3 NM_002439.4 5q11-q12
MSH4 NM_002440.3 1p31
MSH5 NM_002441.4 6p21.3
MSH6 NM_000179.2 2p16
MTA1 NM_001203258.1 14q32.33
MTA3 NM_004689.3 2p21
MTMR15 NM_001146094.1 15q13.2-q13.3
MUS81 NM_025128.4 11q13
MUTYH NM_001048171.1 1p34.1
MYBBP1A NM_001105538.1 17p13.3
MYO1C NM_001080779.1 17p13.3
NASP NM_001195193.1 1p34.1
NBN NM_002485.4 8q21
NCOA2 NM_006540.2 8q13.3
NCOA6 NM_001242539.1 20q11
NEIL1 NM_001256552.1 15q24.2
NEIL2 NM_001135746.1 8p23.1
NEIL3 NM_018248.2 4q34.3
NFRKB NM_001143835.1 11q24.3
NHEJ1 NM_024782.2 2q35
NONO NM_001145408.1 Xq13.1
NSMCE1 NM_145080.3 16p12.1
NSMCE2 NM_173685.2 8q24.13
NTHL1 NM_002528.5 16p13.3
NUDT1 NM_002452.3 7p22
NUDT11 NM_018159.3 Xp11.22
NUDT13 NM_001283014.1 10q22.1
NUDT18 NM_024815.3 8p21.3
NUDT19 NM_001105570.1 19q13.11
OBFC2B NM_024068.3 12q13.3
OGG1 NM_002542.5 3p26.2
PALB2 NM_024675.3 16p12.2
PAPD7 NM_001171805.1 5p15.31
PARP2 NM_001042618.1 14q11.2-q12
PARP3 NM_001003931.2 3p21.31-p21.1
PARP4 NM_006437.3 13q11
PARP1 NM_001618.3 1q41-q42
PCNA NM_002592.2 20pter-p12
PER1 NM_002616.2 17p13.1
PHF10 NM_018288.3 6q27
PHF17 NM_001287437.1 4q28.2
PHF19 NM_001009936.2 9q33.2
PIWIL4 NM_152431.2 11q21
PML NM_002675.3 15q22
PMS1 NM_000534.4 2q31.1
PMS2 NM_000535.5 7p22.2
PMS2CL NR_002217.1 7p22.1
PMS2L11 NR_023383.1 7q11.23
PMS2L3 NR_028059.1 7q11.23
PMS2L5 NR_027775.2 7q11.23 
PNKP NM_007254.3 19q13.3-q13.4
POLA1 NM_016937.3 Xp22.1-p21.3
POLB NM_002690.2 8p11.2
POLD1 NM_001256849.1 19q13.3
POLD3 NM_006591.2 11q14
POLE NM_006231.2 12q24.3
POLE2 NM_001197330.1 14q21-q22
POLG1 NM_001126131.1 15q25
POLG2 NM_007215.3 17q
POLH NM_006502.2 6p21.1
POLI NM_007195.2 18q21.1
POLK NM_016218.2 5q13
POLL NM_001174084.1 10q23
POLM NM_013284.2 7p13
POLN NM_181808.2 4p16.3
POLQ NM_199420.3 3q13.33
POLS NM_001171805.1 5p15
PRKCG NM_002739.3 19q13.4
PRKDC NM_001081640.1 8q11
PRPF19 NM_014502.4 11q12.2
PSIP1 NM_001128217.1 9p22.3
PSMC6 NM_002806.3 14q22.1
PSMG1 NM_001261824.1  21q22.2
PTTG1 NM_004219.2 5q35.1
PTTG1IP NM_001286822.1 21q22.3
RAD1 NM_002853.3 5p13.2
RAD17 NM_001278622.1 5q13
RAD18 NM_020165.3 3p25-p24
RAD21 NM_006265.2 8q24
RAD23A NM_001270362.1 19p13.2
RAD23B NM_001244713.1 9q31.2
RAD50 NM_005732.3 5q31
RAD51 NM_001164269.1 15q15.1
RAD51AP1 NM_001130862.1 12p13.2-p13.1
RAD51B NM_002877.5 14q23-q24.2
RAD51C NM_002876.3 17q22
RAD51D NM_001142571.1 17q11
RAD51L1 NM_002877.5 14q23-q24.2
RAD51L3 NM_001142571.1 17q11
RAD52 NM_134424.2 12p13-p12.2
RAD54B NM_001205262.2 8q22.1
RAD54L NM_001142548.1 1p32
RAD54L2 NM_015106.2 3p21.2
RAD9A NM_001243224.1 11q13.1-q13.2
RAD9B NM_152442.3 12q24.11
RB1 NM_000321.2 13q14.2
RBBP8 NM_002894.2 18q11.2
RBM14 NM_001198836.1 11q13.2
RBX1 NM_014248.3 22q13.2
RDM1 NM_001034836.1 17q11.2
RECQL NM_002907.3 12p12
RECQL4 NM_004260.3 8q24.3
RECQL5 NM_001003715.3 17q25
REV1 NM_001037872.1 2q11.1-q11.2
REV1L NM_001037872.1 2q11.1-q11.2
REV3L NM_002912.3 6q21
RFC3 NM_002915.3 13q13.2
RFC4 NM_002916.3 3q27
RFC5 NM_001130112.2 12q24.23
RIF1 NM_001177663.1 2q23.3
RNF168 NM_152617.3 3q29
RNF4 NM_001185009.2 4p16.3
RNF8 NM_003958.3 6p21.3
RPA1 NM_002945.3 17p13.3
RPA2 NM_002946.3 1p35
RPA3 NM_002947.3 7p22
RPA4 NM_013347.4 Xq21.33
RRM2B NM_001172477.1 8q23.1
RSF1 NM_016578.3 11q14.1
RUVBL1 NM_003707.2 3q21.3
RUVBL2 NM_006666.1 19q13.3
SETD6 NM_001160305.1 16q21
SETMAR NM_001243723.1 3p26.1
SFPQ NM_005066.2 1p34.3
SHFM1 NM_006304.1 7q21.3
SHPRH NM_001042683.2 6q24.3
SLK NM_014720.2 10q24.33
SMARCA1 NM_001282874.1 Xq25
SMARCA5 NM_003601.3 4q31.21
SMARCAD1 NM_001128429.2 4q22.3
SMARCAL1 NM_001127207.1 2q35
SMARCC1 NM_003074.3 3p21.31
SMARCC2 NM_001130420.1 12q13.2
SMARCD1 NM_003076.4 12q13.12
SMARCD2 NM_001098426.1 17q23.3
SMARCD3 NM_001003801.1 7q36.1
SMARCE1 NM_003079.4 17q21.2
SMC1A NM_001281463.1 Xp11.22-p11.21
SMC3 NM_005445.3 10q25
SMC5 NM_015110.3 9q21.12
SMC6 NM_001142286.1 2p24.2
SMG1 NM_015092.4 16p12.3
SMUG1 NM_001243787.1 12q13.11-q13.3
SMUO1 NM_001005781.1 2q33
SPO11 NM_012444.2 20q13.31
SPRTN NM_001010984.2 1q42.12-q43
SPTA1 NM_003126.2 1q23.1
SRCAP NM_006662.2 16p11.2
SSRP1 NM_003146.2 11q12
SUPT16H NM_007192.3 14q11.2
TDG NM_003211.4 12q24.1
TDP1 NM_001008744.1 14q32.11
TDP2 NM_016614.2 6p22.3-p22.1
TFPT NM_013342.3 19q13
TNP1 NM_003284.3 2q35-q36
TOP2A NM_001067.3 17q21-q22
TOP2B NM_001068.3 3p24.2
TOP3A NM_004618.3 17p11.2
TOPBP1 NM_007027.3 3q22.1
TP53 NM_000546.5 17p13.1
TP53BP1 NM_001141979.1 15q15-q21
TP53RK NM_033550.3 20q13.2
TP53TG5 NM_014477.2 20q13.12
TP73 NM_001126240.2 1p36.3
TREX1 NM_007248.2 3p21.31
TREX2 NM_080701.3 Xq28
TTDN1 NM_138701.3 7p14.1
TYMS NM_001071.2 18p11.32
UAF1 NM_020839.2 3p21.33
UBE2A NM_003336.2 Xq24
UBE2B NM_003337.2 5q31.1
UBE2N NM_003348.3 12q22
UBE2V1 NM_001032288.2 20q13.2
UBE2V2 NM_003350.2 8q11.21
UHRF1 NM_001048201.1 19p13.3
UHRF1BP1L NM_001006947.1 12q23.1
UNG NM_003362.3 12q23-q24.1
UPF1 NM_002911.3 19p13.2-p13.11
USP1 NM_001017415.1 1p31.3
UVRAG NM_003369.3 11q13.5
UVSS NM_000124.3 10q11.23
VCP NM_007126.3 9p13.3
VCPIP1 NM_025054.4 8q13.1
VPS72 NM_001271087.1 1q21.3
VRK3 NM_001025778.1 19q13
WDR33 NM_001006622.2 2q14.3
WRN NM_000553.4 8p12
WRNIP1 NM_020135.2 6p25.2
XAB2 NM_020196.2 19p13.2
XPA NM_000380.3 9q22.3
XPC NM_001145769.1 3p25
XRCC1 NM_006297.2 19q13.2
XRCC2 NM_005431.1 7q36.1
XRCC3 NM_001100118.1 14q32.3
XRCC4 NM_003401.3 5q14.2
XRCC5 NM_021141.3 2q35
XRCC6 NM_001469.3 22q13.2
XRCC6BP1 NM_033276.2 12q14.1
YY1 NM_003403.4 14q32.2
ZHX1 NM_001017926.2 8q24.13
ZNHIT1 NM_006349.2 7q22.1
ZRANB3 NM_001286568.1 2q21.3




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