Cell cycle regulation of human DNA repair and chromatin remodeling genes

Robin Mjelle, Siv Anita Hegre, Per Arne Aas, Finn Drabløs, Geir Slupphaug, Pål Sætrom, Hans E. Krokan



Chromatin remodeling genes


This table provides an updated list of chromatin remodeling genes. Each gene is linked to OMIM for functional information and to NCBI and UCSC genome browser for detailed information on the gene.



Gene Symbol (Link to function in OMIM) RefSeq ID (Link to NCBI) Chromosome Location (Link to UCSC Genome Browser)
ACTB NM_001101.3 7p22.1
ACTL6A NM_004301.3 3q26.33
ACTL6B NM_016188.4 7q22.1
ACTR3B NM_001040135.2 7q36.1
ACTR5 NM_024855.3 20q11.23
ACTR6 NM_022496.4 12q23.1
ARID1A NM_006015.4 1p36.11
ARID2 NM_152641.2 12q12
ATAD2 NM_014109.3 8q24.13
ATRX NM_000489.3 Xq21.1
BAHD1 NM_014952.3 15q15.1
BAZ2A NM_013449.3 12q13.3
BRD4 NM_014299 19p13.12
BPTF NM_004459.6 17q24.3
BRMS1 NM_001024957.1 11q13.2
CHAF1A NM_005483.2 19p13.3
CHAF1B NM_005441.2 21q22.13
CHD1 NM_001270.2 5q15-q21
CHD1L NM_001256337.1 1q21.1
CHD2 NM_001042572.2 15q26.1
CHD3 NM_001005273.2 17p13.1
CHD4 NM_001273.2 12p13.31
CHD5 NM_015557.2 1p36.31
CHD6 NM_032221.4 20q12
CHD7 NM_017780.3 8q12.1-q12.2
CHD8 NM_020920.3 14q11.2
CHD9 NM_025134.4 16q12.2
CTBP1 NM_001328.2 4p16.3
CTCF NM_001191022.1 16q22.1
CTCFL NM_001269041.1 20q13.31
CXXC1 NM_001101654.1 18q21.1
DEK NM_001134709.1 6p22.3
DMAP1 NM_001034023.1 1p34.1
DPF1 NM_001135155.2 19q13.2
DPF2 NM_006268.4 11q13.1
DPF3 NM_001280543.1 14q24.2
EP400 NM_015409.4 12q24.33
ERCC6 NM_000124.3 10q11.23
GADD45A NM_001199741.1 1p31.2
GADD45B NM_015675.3 19p13.3
GADD45G NM_006705.3 9q22.1-q22.2
HCFC1 NM_005334.2 Xq28
HELLS NM_001289067.1 10q23.33
HLTF NM_003071.3 3q25.1-q26.1
HMG20B NM_006339.2 19p13.3
IKZF1 NM_001220766.1 7p12.2
ING3 NM_019071.2 7q31.31
INO80 NM_017553.2 15q15.1
INO80B NM_031288.3 2p13.1
INO80C NM_001098817.1 18q12.2
INO80D NM_017759.4 2q33.3
INO80E NM_173618.1 16p11.2
KAT5 NM_001206833.1 11q$
LRWD1 NM_152892.1 7q21.1
MBD5 NM_018328.4 2q23.1
MBD6 NM_052897.3 12q13.3
MTA1 NM_001203258.1 14q32.33
MTA3 NM_004689.3 2p21
MYBBP1A NM_001105538.1 17p13.3
MYO1C NM_001080779.1 17p13.3
NASP NM_001195193.1 1p34.1
NCOA2 NM_006540.2 8q13.3
NFRKB NM_001143835.1 11q24.3
PHF10 NM_018288.3 6q27
PHF17 NM_001287437.1 4q28.2
PHF19 NM_001009936.2 9q33.2
PIWIL4 NM_152431.2 11q21
PSIP1 NM_001128217.1 9p22.3
RAD54B NM_001205262.2 8q22.1
RAD54L NM_001142548.1 1p32
RAD54L2 NM_015106.2 3p21.2
RB1 NM_000321.2 13q14.2
RSF1 NM_016578.3 11q14.1
RUVBL1 NM_003707.2 3q21.3
RUVBL2 NM_006666.1 19q13.3
SETD6 NM_001160305.1 16q21
SMARCA1 NM_001282874.1 Xq25
SMARCA5 NM_003601.3 4q31.21
SMARCAD1 NM_001128429.2 4q22.3
SMARCAL1 NM_001127207.1 2q35
SMARCC1 NM_003074.3 3p21.31
SMARCC2 NM_001130420.1 12q13.2
SMARCD1 NM_003076.4 12q13.12
SMARCD2 NM_001098426.1 17q23.3
SMARCD3 NM_001003801.1 7q36.1
SMARCE1 NM_003079.4 17q21.2
SRCAP NM_006662.2 16p11.2
TFPT NM_013342.3 19q13
TOP2A NM_001067.3 17q21-q22
TOP2B NM_001068.3 3p24.2
TP73 NM_017818.3 1p36.32
VPS72 NM_001271087.1 1q21.3
YY1 NM_003403.4 14q32.2
ZHX1 NM_001017926.2 8q24.13
ZNHIT1 NM_006349.2 7q22.1
ZRANB3 NM_001286568.1 2q21.3




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